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Web services

Set up your website or online store easily. You get your emails, domains, and online forms in order, and receive a customer relationship management system to support your sales.Capnova is your one-stop shop for all online services!

We have wrapped our quickly deployable online services into packages known as novaHotel (websites), novaShop (online shop), novaForms (forms), and novaDesk (customer relationship management). The website and online shop packages have been thought out for you; you only need to choose how much disk space you need. Everything else is automatically included. It's easy!

Our web services


Website, free domain, and email in the same package


Boost communication, improve customer relationship management, drive sales


Collect, process, and sort information using editable online forms


Easily set up your online shop and keep it open 24/7


novaHotel web hotel service

Email service and website with a free domain, easily and at a cheap price. You simply pick the amount of space that you need. Everything else has already been planned for you!

Prices €4.14/month.

novaShop online store

Open your online store tonight! Over 100 page templates, versatile add-ons, easy to administer, and with plenty of support available.

Prices from €16/month.

novaDesk Customer Relationship Management

A perfect CRM and more! Simplify the processing of emails, improve customer relationship management, and improve the sales process. Easy to use.

Prices from €30/month.

novaForms form service

Create surveys quickly using online forms, edit templates, and add them to your site. No installation is required; simply use your browser. Lots of features at a cheap price!

Prices from €7.80/month.