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Are you working on a website, but don’t have the right tools for it? novaHotel is a suite of network services that Capnova has built for this exact purpose. You do not need to be an IT guru in order to be able to create a website. You can just be, for example, an expert in your own field.

NovaHotel offers you a well thought-out package consisting of a website, free domain name, and e-mail. You only need to choose how much disk space you require. Our extensive library of web applications and the web page creation wizard make creating a website easy, and we at Capnova will be happy to help whenever needed.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, salesperson, or private individual, the NovaHotel service gives you ease of use, quick customer service, and secure administration features.

Ordering the service is very simple. Simply pick the amount of disk space that you require on the order form. Everything else has been pre-packaged, and the features are automatically included in the price.

Get to work right away! Your website can be online today, when you use our order service and make an online payment.

novaHotel web hotel service
Prices from: 
4.14 €/mo